Friday, September 17, 2010

When You Do The Tricks, The Tricks Look So Good

Bit of a double post to make up for not writing the past few days. Also while writing the last one, I was inspired. I feel that Broken Social Scene is one of the better bands out there today, they've got a sound that is truly their own, and I discussed the instrumental from their latest album, "Meet Me In The Basement." While I was thinking about the structure of that song, I decided that I needed to write about this, my favorite Broken Social Scene track of all time: (ignore the picture)

Off their self titled album, the song "It's All Gonna Break" I feel is their most climactic song. It's nine minutes of back and forth jamming, culminating in what I can assume live is the equivalent of reaching nirvana. Despite it's length, the song is without a doubt worth a listen. The way the song takes you on a roller coaster of sound, starting quiet, getting louder, going back to quiet, and ending in an eargasmic eruption, shows why Broken Social Scene can still make it in this broken social scene.